Unifying collaboration, support, and rewards to optimize consumer health
The one health platform to engage, empower, and change behavior
Optima Curis helps patients and consumers get and stay healthy and improve wellbeing, which helps organizations achieve the promise of better outcomes from value-based healthcare, consumer-centricity, and population health management.

We do this by offering

An easy-to-deploy, unified consumer health platform
• Communication and Collaboration tools enabling connections between consumer, care team, family, peers and community organizations
• Social Networking to inform and support
• Incentives and Rewards to reward small steps, promote bigger change, and drive patient engagement
The platform must deliver collaboration, support, and rewards together to achieve lasting behavior change and preventive health.
• Right care dynamic and offers value that promotes patient usage

Which enables our customers to

• Change health behaviors
• Navigate the care system successfully
• Realize PHM objectives more quickly
• Increase revenue and lower cost
• Optimize patient experience for satisfaction and loyalty

Addressing healthcare’s major trends

  • Three powerful dynamics are intersecting to drive major transformation of healthcare. The challenges demand new platforms and approaches. Our comprehensive solution is based on understanding these challenges and meeting them head-on.

What is Needed

Collaboration, Support, Rewards

Emphasis is shifting from treating health conditions to preventing them and creating wellbeing through consumer education, engagement, and behavior change.

The benefits in cost savings and health quality promise to be enormous. 

The only way to bring about such change is to create a rich environment where collaboration, support, and rewards all work together for caregivers, patients, consumers, family, peers, and community members. Partial solutions won’t do.

Unfortunately, there is a Solutions Gap

Available technology options generally fail to deliver because:
• They are limited scope "point solutions", addressing specific health conditions, focused on one activity, or other constrained approaches.
• They lack strong incentives and rewards, often failing to motivate small changes in service of larger ones.
• They have no or limited social networking capability that consumers will use.
• They tend to be fragmented - each organization has its own portal, for example, discouraging consumer use.
• Key stakeholders such as community-based organizations are not involved.

Finally, the Right Solution

eCuris is an easy-to-deploy, unified consumer health platform. It was developed with the purpose of delivering collaboration, support, and rewards together in order to achieve lasting behavior change and preventative health.

How eCuris is Unique

eCuris offers the necessary blend of comprehensiveness, broad participation, and timeliness to make the platform something people will use regularly as it delivers high value and high impact.
How it works
The eCuris Platform consists of three main components, each of which supports the overall goals of enhancing collaboration, support, and rewards in order to improve customer health. The components include:
A secure, real-time way for all participants to communicate and coordinate care. Healthboard enables connections between the consumer, the care teams, family members, peers and community organizations in an easy-to-use and fun format. Conduct centralized care conversations, interoffice communications, and collaboration with external partners.

Key features

Moderated, secure social communities to engage and inform, find and interact with community organizations, collaborate with caregivers, family and others, build peer support networks.

Key features

A flexible application for complete health incentive management. Administer goal setting, reward achievements, and maintain an active marketplace for both the organization and the consumer. The convenient platform adheres to best practices in health incentivization by allowing recognition of small steps by patients that lead to larger lifestyle changes.

Key features

Uses & Markets
The eCuris Unified Consumer Health Platform offers a flexible and robust foundation to deliver benefits in a wide range of use cases and care settings, including:
A brief look at three examples will help you understand how we support some of the most important healthcare needs and initiatives.

Transition of Care

Eligibility Determination
• Intake Form Completion
• Transition of Care Assessment/Behavior Change & Home Assessment
Review of Chronic Care Management Program Services
• Bilateral transmission of documentation
Peace of Mind
• Connect with family on transition

Chronic Care Management

Support from Providers and Staff
• Communication via App with SMS/Email alerts
• Communicate w/entire Care Team including loved ones
• Education distribution
• Referrals (Medical and Community Based)
• Remote Monitoring through automated surveys, alerts, notifications, etc
Establishing a Medical Home
• Remote Access to Providers
• Medication reminders/alerts
• Referrals

Follow-up Monitoring

• Automated Surveys and Assessments
• Medication Reminders and Alerts
• Remote Access to Medical Home
eCuris is the ideal platform for a variety of organizations to engage their patients and communities. Convenient setup, affordable per patient/member per month pricing, and ease of use for all participants make eCuris attractive to:
Optima Curis’s commitment to unifying collaboration, support, and rewards to optimize consumer health reaches across the care spectrum, benefiting providers and patients at all points within the industry.

Healthcare Organizations
& Care Providers

• Offers one stop platform for patient interaction, monitoring and engagement
• Helps achieve Population Health Management and Value Based Care goals
• Increases revenue and reduces costs of care
• Produces care delivery efficiency gains
• Promotes customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased market share

Patients &

• Allows easier engagement with healthcare system
• Helps get and stay informed about health
• Connects circle of care easily
• Rewards small steps
• Drives lasting behavior change
• Peace of mind for family and others as they stay informed


• Expands ability to connect with patients and health consumers
• Integrate with all organizations in the care continuum
• Increases organizations visibility in the community
• Offers services though the platform.
• Streamline referrals
Because building the community is what counts, we offer attractive pricing for organizations to be able to deploy eCuris to the broadest possible set of caregivers, patients, consumers, and other parties and to apply the platform to a wide range of use cases.

Cloud-based software subscription service.

Ongoing Per-Person-Per-Month subscription based on number of patients & health workers enrolled on platform starting at $1.00 and ranging to under $.50 for volume.

Large enterprise pricing available.

The eCuris Innovator Program

Optima Curis maintains selective partnerships with healthcare organizations who provide valuable feedback and input on eCuris unified consumer health platform in return for favorable subscription rates and other benefits.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Paul Viskovich

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Viskovich is the founder and CEO of Optima Curis Inc. Paul has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare software industry. Prior to Optima Curis, Paul served as President of Orion Health in North America where he led the company from start up to one of the leading Health IT companies in North America.

Mark Boudreau

Chief Operating Officer    

Co-founder Mark Boudreau is the COO of Optima Curis Inc. and brings more than 30 years of success across the technology, product and service, and healthcare industries. Mark previously served as a partner at Accenture and Vice President of Strategy at Orion Health.

Kristen Hostetter

VP Development

Kristen has over 18 years of experience in Healthcare Software Solutions with expertise in technical design, architecture, development and resource management. Kristen previously has had senior software development roles with xG Health Solutions, Orion Health, Intuitive Technical Solutions and RK Consulting. Proficient in leading and motivating teams, collaborating with clients, and delivering products that exceed expectations.

Dr. Richard Castaldo

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Castaldo has broad healthcare experience, serving as a primary care physician for 25 years. He has a deep background in research, addiction and sports medicine. Dr. Castaldo is very active as a primary care physician, Medical Director of several health plans and a palliative care program. He is also physician for Men’s Division I Hockey at Niagara University.

Stacey Cannon

Chief Legal Officer

Stacey Cannon has 20 years of experience in corporate law related to international healthcare and associated technologies.

Josh Fuller

Implementation Manager

Josh is passionate about making a difference in healthcare both nationally and globally. He is an accomplished manager and leader with years of experience in public health, care management, health information technology, and community engagement. His expertise includes strategic planning and implementation, community and patient engagement, practice transformation, and program development.

Our Advisors

John D. Halamka MD, MS

International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School, Chief Information Officer of the Beth Israel Deaconess System, and a practicing emergency physician. John has served the Bush administration, the Obama administration, and governments throughout the world planning their healthcare IT strategy.

Nikao Yang

Nikao is currently COO at Lucidity, which provides a blockchain protocol that provides transparency and authenticity for digital advertising analytics. Previously he co-founded the mobile advertising platform AdColony and exited in 2014 for $350 million.

Simon Jones

Previously VP of HIT for Blue Shield of CA, Simon brings 20 years of experience driving value and improving clinical outcomes. He advises on product strategy.

Invest in Optima Curis
Optima Curis welcomes inquiries about investment in the company. Please contact us for further information:

Optima Curis is pleased to be certified from Dagda Partners

Dagda certifies that Optima Curis is a Socially Impactful company. The Optima Curis’ eCuris platform can provide impactful outcomes on the patient population and the healthcare system worldwide, based on the
GIIN standards:
• Social Impact investing refers to investments made with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social impact alongside a financial return.
News & Events

Press Releases

October 17, 2019
Optima Curis Will Use Rhapsody Integration Engine in eCuris Platform
Rhapsody will significantly enhance the ability of eCuris to integrate and share data with a wide range of customer systems, including EHRs, scheduling, care management, telehealth and more.
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July 31, 2019
Flagler Health+ and Optima Curis Partner to Build Virtual Health Village of the Future
Our virtual health village will ultimately transform the way patients, loved ones and providers interact, resulting in healthier people and communities.
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May 31, 2019
Optima Curis Expands to United Kingdom
Optima Curis, Inc. announced today the commencement of operations in the United Kingdom.
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Optima Curis Introduces Range of New Health Programs
Optima Curis, Inc. has announced the release of a health program library that substantially increases the ease and speed of deployment of its eCuris platform.
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September 26, 2018
Optima Curis Awarded Social Impact Investment Certification by Dagda Partners
Optima Curis, Inc. is proud to announce its certification as a Social Impact Investment company by Dagda Partners, LLC.
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August 30, 2018
Transforming Community Engagement in Healthcare 
Optima Curis Inc has announced the release of eCuris version 8 of their market leading social, collaboration, and rewards platform for health.
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NICON Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019, 16-17 May, La Mon Hotel & Country Club, Belfast, United Kingdom
MedCity Engage Innovation Showcase, November 6-7, La Jolla, CA


Unifying collaboration, support and rewards to optimize consumer health
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• How to ensure a wide range of users will engage with a social platform.
• The need to create a robust, ongoing rewards system.
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