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Digital patient engagement, social networks, and rewards have the power to create stronger, healthier connections in our lives.

The eCuris Platform

Patient engagement: anywhere, anytime, between patient, provider, and the entire family circle.

The eCuris Platform

Patient engagement: anywhere, anytime, between patient,
provider, and the entire family circle.
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eCuris increased our reach to our members in real-time, which has allowed us to improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction with increased efficiency. The moderated health communities enable us to keep all our wellness participants informed and engaged.
Raul Vazquez, M.D.
Optima Curis makes it easier to manage and improve quality of service and financial outcomes. It’s an excellent solution for Medicare and Medicaid managed long-term care plans.
Dr. Richard Castalado 
Medical director, MLTC, New York State
Our health community has over 10,000 members and is difficult to manage and moderate on traditional social media. We are looking forward to moving our community to Optima Curis’s healthcare focused solution to better support and engage our members.
Simon Hepburn 
Health Community Moderator

About Us

Optima Curis combines Digital Patient Engagement, Social Networking, Remote Patient Monitoring, Rewards, and the best collaboration tools to transform how providers, patients and their family circle engage, collaborate and interact.
Our Vision
Be the world's leading social, collaboration, and rewards platform for health.
Our Mission
Optima Curis is here to improve the health of individuals by leveraging the power of many to teach, encourage, and reward healthy actions and outcomes.
Paul Viskovich
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Viskovich is the founder and CEO of Optima Curis Inc. Paul has over 20 years experience in the healthcare software industry. Prior to Optima Curis, Paul was President of Orion Health in North America where he led the company from start up to one of leading Health IT companies in North America.
Mark Boudreau
Chief Operating Officer
Co-founder Mark Boudreau is the COO of Optima Curis Inc. and brings more than 30 years of success across the technology, product & service, and healthcare
industries. Mark was previously a partner at Accenture and VP Strategy at Orion
Simon Jones
Chief Product Officer
Simon Jones is the CPO of Optima Curis Inc. and brings over 20 years of experience driving value and improving clinical outcomes. Simon was previously CEO of a health technology startup and VP of HIT for Blue Shield of CA.
Dr Richard Castaldo
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Castaldo has broad healthcare experience being a primary care physician for 25 years and very involved in addiction & sports medicine as well as research.
Dr Castaldo is still very active in medicine as a primary care physician, a Medical Director of a health plan and physician for Men’s Division I Hockey at Niagara University.
Jennifer Scalise
Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer
Jennifer Scalise, J.D., CHC brings over 10 years of experience developing, building and strengthening compliance and privacy programs for all facets of the healthcare industry.  Jennifer was previously the Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer of Orion Health and Head of Compliance and Privacy at Visiant Health.  
Stacey Cannon
Chief Legal Officer
Stacey Cannon has 20 years experience in corporate law related to international healthcare and associated technologies.

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